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Dallas Aeronautical Services (DAS) Announces Challenger 300-350 Inlet Acoustic Panel & Structural Overhaul Lifetime Warranty

Dallas Aeronautical Services (DAS) ( is proud to announce the launch of an industry leading Inlet Acoustic and Structural Inlet overhaul Lifetime Warranty program for Challenger 300-350 aircraft owners and operators.

The owner-centric, non-transferable Lifetime Warranty program protects both acoustic panel and inlet structure assembly functionality and workmanship for the life of the in-service aircraft. In addition, the company will continue to offer  the existing transferable 36-month warranty option, continuing DAS’s historical pledge of assurance and flexibility to aircraft owners and operator clientele.

“This Lifetime Warranty is the direct result of the quality of our comprehensive Inlet repair, field-tested longevity and post-repair performance lifespan,” Eli da Silva, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, DAS.

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